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Training for Trainers 

From April 2019 ALL ORDIT Trainers will need to be an A grade to deliver Training and to remain on the ORDIT register. You do not have to be an ORDIT trainer to offer PDI/ADI Training BUT we are have strict guidelines to follow and you can, if you are unsatisfied , complain to the DVSA. Should you choose a NON ORDIT Trainer there is no course of action for complaints.


During a visit to Cardington re the new Part 3 Test it became obvious that some Ordit trainers were struggling with plans to deliver the new Part 3 training for PDI's, many admitting they felt very out of their depth regarding how they were going to train the PDI's to ensure a successful outcome and objecting to the new Part 3 test but demonstrating by their arguments that they simply did not understand the Standards Check. Some even arguing that it was going to be easier to cheat the test. 

Any of you that have sat the new Standards Check and achieved an A grade will be aware how much more work goes into a lesson now and instead of concentrating on examiners role play and fault ID the PDI actually has to deliver an hour long lesson and during that time anything can and often will go wrong. 


As the DVSA now intend to monitor Ordit trainer exam results it is even more important that you have a training plan in place to offer high quality training, while working within the 3 new competencies and the 17 Sub competencies.

With the new Part 3 coming in October 2017 a PDI no longer has to struggle with having to learn to teach L drivers if they are not going to work within the Learner market. Many of the PDI's I have taught already have a great career within Bus, HGV and Blue light vehicle training and you can learn how to teach them to deliver excellent training specifically within their field. 


I can train you to deliver training plans for the new Part 3 Test, I can help you develop a Scheme of work and lesson plan to ensure excellent PDI training and these plans can be tailored to your individual PDI to help them this also allows you to deliver Client Centred Learning rather than one plan suits all 

Many Ordit trainers will have years of experience within role play and this can be developed to help the PDI to pass the new Part 3 easily and be confident in delivering any lesson by using the same lesson framework for every lesson but simply changing the subject matter.

Be assured the "Old" style part 3 training will NOT be good enough for the New Part 3 - While some of the training of course is the same, such as giving directions and understanding faults the PDI now needs to understand and  demonstrate other skills just a few are outlined below:

  • Demonstrate Client Centred Learning 

  • Identify Learning goals and needs

  • Gaining Agreement : Deal with Objections

  • Risk Management : Understand how to intervene if necessary verbally of physically 

  • Sharing responsibility and understanding how to achieve this 

  • Demonstrate lesson planning & Teaching methods

  • Route plan effectively

  • Adapt a lesson where necessary

  • Demonstrate an ability to be able to teach all levels of pupils and FLH

  • Teach positively, proactively with praise 

  • Understand how to use a Scaling method and encourage the pupil to analyse 

  • Offer a professional, non discriminatory lesson 

  • Demonstrate they will keep the pupil safe and ensure they feel comfortable at all times

Training the PDI for the new Part 3 will be challenging for those who insist on using the old style role play only methods and if you do not fully understand the Standards Check you will struggle to deliver effective and high quality training 

I have studied since 2014 to ensure I can deliver training for the standards check and have attended several days of training. I can provide a full training plan which can be use for an example and can explain the 10 steps for PDI training. You are welcome to sit in on a training session to observe and a PDI will be provided for you to train while I observe and help you improve.


I also have examples of schemes of work you can use and lesson plans for each step of the training and this includes homework and exercises for the PDI to prepare. The training can be adapted if the PDI intends to take out a Trainee Licence to ensure they do not develop bad habits

Training days are available on a 2-1 basis (when available) or on a 1-1 basis in car -further days training are available at a small discount and you will receive a certificate towards your CPD - See prices for T&C. Please note we need to arrange a PDI for you to use at no charge who may have to book accommodation so 7 days notice is required for ALL ADI and ORDIT day or 2 day courses and a non refundable deposit of 20% paid to hold your place.

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