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Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow

Train to become a Driving Instructor with Ab Fab . You can spread the training costs and pay by paying monthly over 6 months with just a deposit to start.  Full course for part 1, 2 & 3  from £2400. We offer a Client Centred Training plan to suit YOU.



Jeni is a grade A Instructor and is also an Award Winning Trainer.  She is also a DIAmond Examiner with the DIA, and holds an Elite pass at the DIAmond driving test. Jeni has been consistently on ORDIT register for over 18 years and is qualified to teach Taxi Drivers and is Fleet Qualified and can assist those wishing to train to become instructors who have diverse abilities - She also holds a Teacher Training Qualification (C&G 7301/2 and NVQ level 3 in Adult Education and offers ORDIT training besides training those for the new Part 3 for those trainers who need help developing a training plan. Jeni has recently completed the Tri Coaching Train the Trainer course and is studying to complete the BTEC in Coaching which is DVSA recognised. 

Training is available in Southampton and Poole and other areas by arrangement 


                   Training is available 7 days a week from 7am - 9pm weekdays 7am - 6pm weekends - Ask for details


NOTE:- Before you go any further or part with ANY money - we would highly recommend you sit in on a FREE session with a learner driver to see if you like my Client Centred lead training and see if this is the career for you.


Already an ADI? Still teaching the same way for years? Do you really understand the 17 competencies? Including what is required on the Risk Management? Never had extra training? Feel you dont need it? Disagree with the changes? Do you really understand the standards check? Are you stale and need a refresh? Do you shout? Get annoyed with your pupils? I CAN help you. I have helped many qualified ADI's enjoy teaching again. Book an trial ADI training session for 2.5 hours for just £75 - A certificate is provided for you to put towards your CPD.  AND If you do not feel you have learnt anything I will happily refund the fee. I am confident you will learn from training if you feel you have not 


Thinking of a career change? A driving Instructor is so much more than just sitting in a car. You need to be able to communicate and listen, agree a training plan with your learner and be able to understand that when things go wrong its your fault NOT the learners. You are teaching them if they don't get something try again or try something else!

Yes, you need to be patient but firm and guide them through any difficulties, be positive, proactive and professional. But more than that you HAVE to be reliable and turn up and give the best lesson you can all the time every time! No excuses!


Our training is fantastic - You choose how you want to learn and you have the option to sit in and observe real learners and you can help teach them! You can also accompany a Learner to the Test Centre AND sit in the back!

Part 2 training you have the option of using your car or we can provide you with a car and Part 3 is in easy to follow sections with homework before each session. We have cameras fitted so you can watch your driving /Training and replay it back anytime as it can be recorded onto your SD card 

If you need to qualify as an ADI for your career - but will not be teaching L drivers I can arrange to teach you on my new and exciting Full Licence Holder (FLH)  training and arrange a FLH for you to teach.


If you think this is the career for you book an assessment session at a reduced cost of £75 for a 2 hour session which 

includes sitting in on an L lesson or Part 2 or 3 session if available and a driving and teaching assessment*. You can opt for Pay as you train or pay for a part or full course. If you would like more info or would like to sit in on a Learner lesson first please contact me or leave a message

  •  3 Hour observed session or mock test £165.00 

  •  £55.00 an hour on a 1-1 basis for PDI /ADI /SC (min of 2 hours) training.

  •  £215.00 for 4 hour session.

  •  £315.00 for a full day 6 hours training.

  •  Part 3 rescue £500.00 for our10 hour package. (Available as 4 or 2 sessions)

  •  PDI 12 session training package £1995 for full payment or 4 monthlypayments of £525.00 

We do offer a refund policy if you are unable to finish your training due to ill health ask for details and Terms and conditions can be found on the prices page.


Contact Jeni via email or text for more details on 07971 878137 



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