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        Changes to the Part 3 ADI Test

Things have changed within the Driver training industry and we finally have a modern up to date ADI test  I am looking forward to the changes which means I can finally deliver Client Centred based ADI training to suit the PDI. Please note I am happy to sit in on your part 3 test if booked in advance.  

ORDIT registered? or offer ADI training? I can help you to evolve, make changes and deliver the training required to any PDI for the new Part 3 - I have developed a scheme of work and a lesson plan which is flexible and is Client Centred lead. I can also help you to understand SC1 and how help you to deliver training and develop your role play skills within the new SC1 rather than PST lead training. 

What the difference?

In a nutshell the old style part 3 test is no longer fit for purpose - It is a Pass or Fail type test and even if the candidate clearly shows that they can teach and understands what they are doing and offers client centred learning they must pass the core competencies or they will not pass these were:-

  • Identify the fault

  • Analysis the fault

  • Remedy the fault 

Not everyone training to become an ADI is going to be teaching learner drivers (HGV - Bus - Blue Lights etc) so the test meant they HAD to learn to teach an L driver or would not be successful. The exam was delivered by the Examiner who would "Role Play" a L pupil or a FLH and the candidate had no control or choice over HOW to teach. If you sit a part 3 before 2nd October you will still do an "old style" part 3 where the Examiner chooses the style of pupil - the subject - the route and the faults within that PST.

What's going to change with the new test? 

The new test is an "Assessment" based exam rather than "Pass or fail".There are 3 main competencies and 17 sub competencies with a maximum score of 51. You need to achieve a score of 31 or above to pass. You must score 8 or more in the Risk assessment section or you will not be successful. 

The new competencies are :-


  • Lesson Planning

  • Risk Assessment

  • Teaching and learning strategies 


 You will need to meet the GOALS and NEEDS and let the Student be in charge of the lesson and be able to choose HOW you deliver the lesson by gaining agreement from your pupil and it will be exactly the same as if you are sitting the Standards Check after you pass. You will need to bring a "pupil" with you and they can be either an L driver or FLH or even a foreign driver - provided you are road legal (licence & insurance etc) ID required is either a TL or a driving licence.  You can choose:-

  • WHERE you sit the test (Local TC to you)

  • WHAT route to use 

  • WHEN you sit the test 

  • WHO you bring to the test 

  • WHAT subject/subjects you are teaching

  • HOW you want to teach

  • HOW the candidate wants to learn 

For further information click the buttons at the top of the page or contact me if you would like to discuss this further - I will also be holding classroom days in summer 2021.

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